My Open Letter to Conservatives

It’s time to fight Democrat liberalism. I’m reading way too much negativism about the conservative situation. While it is true that we have suffered serious setbacks in the last two elections there is no reason to be as defeatist as some commentators are. There are many reasons for the present situation including some very silly mistakes of specific candidates. The main reason, however, is the general in ability of the out going Bush Administration to effectively communicate its positions and the lack of unity among Republicans in the Congress.

It is likely that that the Democrats have now reached their “high water mark” and will slowly begin to recede in the years ahead. What is important now is that we unite in opposition to the Obama Administration and the Democrat leadership in Congress. We should vote against questionable appointments like Geithner and Holder. We must oppose the wasteful surge in spending that Obama now proposes. We must also seek allies among the Democrats recently elected in basically Republican states. If they want to remain in office they must be educated not to follow Reid, Pelosi, and Obama off the cliff.

Issues we must be prepaid to fight, with bipartisan filibusters where possible, include the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act”, any new gun bans or registration, etc., socialized medicine, the so-called Fairness Doctrine, and attempts to mainstream homosexual behavior. It addition we must press to keep the Bush tax cuts as a requirement to support any stimulus bill. There is a real possibility that the Democrat policies will lead to a serious inflation problem before the 2012 election and we need to get on the right side of this issue. So what might be seen as short-term unpopular may well turn out very different in a few years.

One useful move would be to organize a group of Senators in “safe” seats and those who won’t face election until 2014 to engage in a media counter-offensive against the Democrats. They should be joined by House member in “safe” seats. We need to carefully but consistently chip away at Obama’s credibility. The decisions announced today on terrorism the clearly move in the direction of weakening our security are just one opening. Congressman Boehner handled this well. Others need to follow up and press this issue.

Now is not the time of complacency but rather the time for bold action. The future our country is clearly at stake. We must be strong now more than ever.

The 2008 Election Results

2008 has been a disastrous year for the U.S. politically. One hopes that in the long run it won’t be our equivalent of what Britain’s 1945 election was for them. While the election of Barack Obama as president is the most striking change, it more likely the gains the Democrats have make in the Senate that will prove most problematic in the long run. We still have three Senate races being contested but Alaskan race seems all but over. The Democrats are clearly trying to steal the Minnesota race for the comedian Al Franken and Georgia has a runoff election on Dec. 2. The Democrats will end up with between 58 and 60 seats.

So we are left with the most liberal government in history with the most liberal-biased media and a somewhat shaky five-to-four majority on the Supreme Court as the only check on their actions. This comes also at time when we have an economic crisis that portends to be the most serious since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The stage is set of a reduction of our individual rights, our long term economic opportunity, and the growth in influence of dangerous threats abroad.

This is not to completely excuse the missteps of the outgoing Administration. The Iraq War with 20-20 hindsight was a major strategic miscalculation. While it now looks as if we will “win” in spite of everything the Democrats have done to stand in the way, it will be a pyrrhic victory. The emerging democracy in Iraq is likely to tilt toward Iran with its sixty percent Shia majority. And, the costs in terms of wear and tear on military and the public’s will makes a serious effort to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons all but impossible. Essentially we went after the wrong target and spent ourselves doing it.

The economic situation is largely due to those who have now been elected to repair it. One consequence of our highly partisan politics is that they most naïve decide almost all close elections. The public attributes way too most credit and blame to the President for economic matters. While the final blow was delivered by large financial institutions reckless use of credit default swaps, it is also clear that these securities only exploded in popularity because of government policies promoting subprime mortgages. No good deal goes unpunished and so what was intended to help poor people get access to home ownership soon turned into a vehicle for reckless real estate speculators. A fair review of the record shows far more Democrat finger prints on this problem than Republican.

The incoming Obama Administration faces many challenges in putting a credible policy structure together. Since most of the liberal ideas they have advocated are not workable it will be interesting to watch. Do the really want to raise taxes in recession like Herbert Hoover did? Do they really want to close Gitmo and if so what do the do with the terrorists? How do they reconcile their support of the “global warming” theory with the need to save the auto industry and all of the UAW support? Ultimately how do the reconcile the tensions between the radical factions that gave Obama so much campaign cash and the more moderate image the candidate projected to swing voters?

Asymmetrical Politics

It is certain that McCain blindsided the Obama campaign with the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. They were obviously prepared for a Romney or a Pawlenty but not this. The choice was brilliant chess move if Gov. Palin can perform on the campaign trail. The reason for this is that the choice has major offensive and defensive aspect to it. On the one hand it rallies the GOP base and on the other it has the potential to pick up a few million women voters who would have supported Hillary Clinton but are cool to Barack Obama. In addition it has disrupted the Obama game plan.

In away later has had a significant effect. For some strange reason Democrats seem to have strong tendency to go after the bottom of the Republican ticket with a frenzy. By doing this they end up pitting their presidential candidate against the Republican VP candidate. Consider the latest barb on the liberal circuit: “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilot was a governor!” This clearly compares Obama to Palin rather than to McCain and thereby revealing that they have similar levels of experience. And, so McCain of course has a lot more experience that Obama. They also reinforce the idea that Obama is playing to be the messianic figure that the McCain campaign has be alleging for some time now. Finally they are offending a lot of Christians in the process.

However it ultimately turns out, the race is now competitive. McCain has showed that he has a clear command of political strategy or at least he is now listening to those that do.

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